Howdy! I'm Steven.

A multidisciplinary developer and designer who loves creating meaningful user experiences in Augmented Reality and on the web.

The modern web is incredible, but it has way more potential!

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Google Devfest 2022 for MousePack

AR effects for Instagram are fun to make, fun to share, and fun to use. They can add flare to any event, product, or marketing. This effect promotes Google Devfest 2022 with some silly interactions and animations. Simple is effective!

The project features head tracking, hand tracking, 2D animations, and customized assets.

Toolkit: Spark AR, Adobe Illustrator

Snapchat x HBO: House of the Dragon for MousePack

Location-based AR is just about the coolest! You can anchor experiences to geographical locations and tailor those experiences to the community. This effect at Pier 16 in New York promotes HBO's House of the Dragon series. The dragon launches into the air, swoops down, and breathes fire!

The project features location tracking, 3D animation, and visual effects for fire.

Toolkit: Lens Studio, Blender, JavaScript

Exploding Skateboard Diagram

Exploding diagrams show how things assemble. They explain technology, assist with repairs, and more. Typically, on paper, they fall flat! In 3D, they come to life and allow the user to understand the components much better!

The project features hand tracking, 3D animation, and custom UI elements.

Toolkit: Spark AR, Blender

Candy Corn Catch

AR games can be challenging and hilarious. Sometimes you're a huge candy corn catching other smaller candy corns. This is one of those times! Multiple short levels make this casual arcade game a sweet time! See what I did there? Received over 500k plays in the first month!

The project features hand tracking, 3D modeling, custom UI elements, JavaScript, and sound design.

Toolkit: Lens Studio, Blender, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator

Work Experience

Let's have a chat and I'll tell you all about it!

AR Developer

Freelance, - Present

Create fun, interactive augmented reality experiences for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, iOS, Android, and webAR.

Toolkit: Lens Studio, Spark AR, Effect House, Unity, Blender, JavaScript, Git, Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Design and develop UX and UI for user-facing features
  • Optimize development and assets for fast loads and efficient scaling
  • Present design and development concepts to clients and stakeholders
  • Communicate project goals and review performance benchmarks

Office Manager, Project Manager

Alco, - July 2022

Provide contracting services for commercial and residential new construction, remodels, and additions.

  • Generate project estimates and submit proposals
  • Review scopes of work and identify contract discrepancies
  • Coordinate project schedules with contractors
  • Oversee project staging and execution

About Me

When I'm not coding you can find me at the skatepark or sketching under a tree. I love reading weird books. I think communication is key!


Santa Barbara City College – Santa Barbara, CA

Associate in Arts w/ Honors, 4.0 GPA

Graphic Design & Photography

Portrait photo of Steven Wolpe.
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