Howdy! I'm Steven.

A multidisciplinary developer and designer who loves creating meaningful user experiences with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The modern web is incredible, but it has way more potential!

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I completed these projects on my own. Imagine what we could make together!


A CRUD web app that facilitates standardized online critiques for artists and designers. The user experience is crafted to encourage objective feedback by structuring the critique process around the fundamentals of art and design.

The project features asynchronous javascript, cloud-hosted databases, image analysis via RESTful API, and server-side coding in the Node.js environment.

Toolkit: Vue, Cloud Vision API, Firebase, Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore (NoSQL), Cloud Storage

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Bladers Field Guide

A responsive web app built with React. It displays information for inline skating tricks, including photos, descriptions, and more. It features a clean interface that lets users look through different tricks on any device.

I developed this project because I love to skate and want to share it! The sport needs more young people with an understanding of the trick vocabulary. This app provides a quick way to learn about different tricks.

Toolkit: React, HTML5/CSS3

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Ready or Not

A project that explores the commonality of our fears. Through color, motion, and typography, the site creates a calming atmosphere. This atmosphere encourages more honest interaction.

I created this site to learn more about MySQL databases and to experiment with color and motion.

Toolkit: JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, MySQL

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Work Experience

Currently doing a couple things. Let's have a chat and I'll tell you all about it!

Front End Developer

Freelance, - Present

Deliver front end development services for businesses and nonprofits. Implement HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Toolkit: HTML5/CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, React, Vue, Firebase, Accessibility, GitHub, Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Design and develop UI/UX for user-facing features
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and optimize for speed
  • Implement client-side and server-side input validation
  • Collaborate with backend developers for server-side functionality
  • Present design and development concepts to clients and stakeholders
  • Communicate project goals and review performance benchmarks

Office Manager, Project Manager

Alco, - Present

Provide contracting services for commercial and residential new construction, remodels, and additions.

  • Generate project estimates and submit proposals
  • Review scopes of work and identify contract discrepancies
  • Coordinate project schedules with contractors
  • Oversee project staging and execution

About Me

When I'm not coding you can find me at the skatepark or sketching under a tree. I love reading weird books. I think communication is key!


Santa Barbara City College – Santa Barbara, CA

Associate in Arts w/ Honors, 4.0 GPA

Graphic Design & Photography

Portrait photo of Steven Wolpe.
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